Thursday, December 13, 2012

Catch a Falling Star

Today we had occupations all morning and the “cooking science” occupations group made sushi for lunch. Ellis, Amal and I rolled everyone’s sushi. In the afternoon, we had micro-eco and everyone was rushing to finish their crafts and finish their food items. Then we played tackle football in the snow of the A-field and everybody had a great time. For dinner we had “enchanachos” an interesting combination of enchiladas and nachos. After dinner we had study hall and because Katie had a dance class, Andy supervised our studying. Then for a closing he took us outside to see a meteor shower, which for some people was the first time they had seen a shooting star. While we were lying in the snow of the A-field some people got snow down their backs and ET phoned home.


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  1. Sounds like good fun! It was great to see all of you today -- and on Saturday too! The Craft Fair was awesome! Sara N