Monday, December 10, 2012


Today we had to get used to the fact that it’s not the weekend anymore. We all tried to convince Katie to let us have a Land School snow day. The conditions were if Andy and Donna couldn’t come, we could have a “snow day.” Of course Andy could come; he doesn’t exactly live far away. Donna was able to come even though there is almost a foot of snow. We woke up at the normal times for weekdays and ate breakfast. Then we had math and occupations until lunch. In Donna’s occupation, we learned about the science of popcorn and did an experiment with different variations of popcorn under different conditions. We learned how most recipes for baking are set up. After occupations, we were supposed to have a Land lunch with our mentor groups, eating the sandwiches we made last night. Unfortunately, it was like 15 degrees for the high today so we decided to eat inside. My group, Katie’s mentor group, went outside and built a fort in the plowed pile of snow just outside the Homestead. We also poured boiling maple syrup into the snow and ate it with spoons. Katie said we should try it again next week because we could probably improve it to be more like taffy. I think the other groups went snowshoeing and went sledding. When it was time to come inside, we had a Council Meeting. During Micro Economy, my group dragged a lot of wood over to the Long Barn and worked on our project. Our hands got SO cold.  After a while they felt like they were going to fall off, so we decided to come back to the Homestead before we couldn’t hold the saw anymore. 


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