Wednesday, December 12, 2012


            Today we woke up and had breakfast. We had bagels and cereal. After breakfast we had math, which was very productive. We then had science and caught up on genetics, went to the Bird Blind, and talked about tracking certain animals. We had lunch after science, which Katie made and we had lasanchiladas, rice, and soup. After Doug left after lunch we had Micro Economy for three hours and all of the groups made a lot of progress on their projects. Then we did our chores and once people were done with their chores we had free time. Tonight it was make your own dinner night. People made some really good meals. Make your own meal night is really fun because you can choose anything from the pantry that you would like to use for your meal. After dinner we had free time for almost an hour. We then had study hall until 8:30 and had transition time before the closing of the day. 12/12/12 was a great day! We won’t see a date like that for another 100 years!


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