Saturday, December 8, 2012


            Yesterday, on Saturday, we started the day with optional work for credit. We got to choose if we would work, and if we did, we would get four credits per hour. For the first hour, there were just a few of us, and we tidied up the greenhouse. We picked up trash, took the husks off of the dried corn, and threshed sunflower seeds. While we husked the corn, we would guess the color it would be before we opened it. After that, we did the part that no one was excited for. We mucked out the llama pen. Everyone wanted to stop because of the smell. Then, we cleaned out the chicken coop and winterized it with hay and cardboard to keep the chickens warm.
            We also had a memorial for Pearl. We buried her at the top of the garden, where she would always lay while we were harvesting and told stories about her.
            In the afternoon, I went out in the woods and walked. There was a little bit of snow on the ground from the night before, and the deer were taking refuge on our land from the doe-hunting season. Just as I finished my walk, I met Katie at the Farmstead and we turned around and walked Pippa.
            In the morning when I woke up on Sunday, there were three inches of snow on the ground. Now, there is a foot, and it is still coming down.


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