Monday, January 29, 2018

Reminiscing on a beautiful fall in a new place

I started working at the Land School this fall, jumping right in at the start of the school year. I have learned so much in the last few months, and appreciate all of the wonderful people that make up this extraordinary learning community. Here are some photos from the fall as I started to learn my way around the land, preserved the harvest so we have food from the land to eat all year, and met the students, staff, family, and broader community of the Land School. It's so good to be here!

The guinea/chicken palace

The Farmstead

The Homestead

The hoophouse and blueberries

Onions and shallots drying out in the greenhouse - we had a bumper crop!

Canned salsa

Bountiful and colorful eggs

Walking the perimeter fence with Jen and Katie to look for holes that needed patching after we noticed some cowpies in the woods!

Brilliant fall colors made for some beautiful hikes through the woods

Colors reflected in the pond

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