Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Armatage Day 3

Last Friday was our third day with Armatage School's 5th graders. We had our final three activity periods and then had to clean-up and take down tents. It was the last day of the visit and we could tell it went well because it felt like the visit was too short. As the day went on I was already feeling a little nostalgic. I was sorry that all of these 5th graders were graduating and next year we'll get a whole different group. I was sorry because I really like them and also because I was just getting their names down.

As the visit was finishing up, a steady stream of parents and families of the students started arriving. Armatage had planned for a celebratory cookout and had invited the families out to see the Land School. It was fun to eavesdrop as the students tried to tell their families everything that had happened in the previous 3 days. There was definitely a lot, something for everyone.

Each of the activity group leaders commented to me about how much they enjoyed working with the students. The students asked great questions and listened well. We enjoyed meeting and working with each of their staff members and the parent chaperones were great. About halfway through the visit we learned that the parent helpers (who worked tirelessly in the kitchen) were actually parents of 4th graders. It is a testament to the organization and dedication of their parent community that they were able to recruit those volunteers.

Thanks to Armatage students, staff, and parents for a great visit! Send me your best photos for the blog. Please.

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