Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phoebe writes before the Planting Festival

“All that is heard is, ‘Pippa you’re so cute! I wish you were mine!’ As the fur ball darts around, plays with sticks and annoys Pearl,
“Pearl rocks. Pippa is basically in love with her, but Pearl is a bit too good for her. Pearl and Pippa are super awesome!” –Leighton

Those are some great ways to describe Pippa, the playful and adorable puppy of Andy and Jen and Pearl, the cute, white and grey dog that also lives with them. Pippa can’t stop running around, almost always with her blue leash in her mouth. You can play with her for a bit, but she tends to have a short attention span. Eventually every day both dogs come out, Pearl trying to rest while Pippa jumps on her consistently until she loses her patience.
But the day before the Planting Festival this is not what we are focusing on, or at least not what we’re supposed to be. We started by walking out into the fields while Andy taught us about tractors and different types of machinery that he uses to prepare the soil for planting. We also learned where and how we were going to plant onions, potatoes and other plants of that sort during and after tomorrow’s event.
We have done many things in preparation of the Planting festival including, getting flats ready and replanting growing things, working on our micro-economy projects which will be sold tomorrow and worrying about who will show up when and how many people are going to be here. The other main thing that is a big factor in our success tomorrow is the weather which is just starting to warm up and let us run around in shorts and t-shirts. Hopefully all will go well and tomorrow will be a great success!
By Phoebe

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