Saturday, May 7, 2011

Planting Festival a Huge Success

What a fabulous day! The students each were involved in leading some important project. Apple trees were planted, blueberries and asparagus weeded, tomatoes planted in the hoophouse, hostas planted in the new landscaping on the north side of the Homestead, over 4000 onions and leeks were planted, and an abundant sales table was supervised all day. Of course, it was a very productive day.

However, the hidden purpose of the event was also realized. Our students hosted a community gathering where over fifty people came together around a common purpose. In the act of hosting, many social connections were strengthened and many people came to know each other in a way they did not prior to today. Our students can be proud of the contributions they made today and they way they came together to complete a task none of us could have achieved alone.

Of course, we could not have asked for better weather. Cool and overcast in the morning for planting, then the sun came out in time for the students to celebrate Aidan's birthday with water balloons and a country slip and slide (used greenhouse plastic and some liquid soap and a hose).

Thank you to all who attended today!

by Andy

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