Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Great Hike

Today we went on a long hike around the perimeter of our land. We got to see a black squirrel and a giant tree, which everyone on the Farm Stay got on. But even though the tree was dead, and had fallen to the ground, we all got on it and had a lot of fun on playing and fooling around on it.

What really inspired me was that when we were all trying to get on the tree everyone helped each other to get on the tree and people were also encouraging each other. When we all got up we had fun on and just hung out up there.

But so far on this Farm Stay it has been awesome because I am getting to know people I don’t usually talk to or get to know, and it is just good to get away from all of the technologies these days, which I really enjoy.

Noah and Patrick 

Having fun on a tree

By Patrick

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