Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sienna's Blog

Today was amazing in a ordinary way. Its confusing I know. How it works is that the days before today were amazing also, making an amazing day ordinary.

Today was the day we loaded up the plant sale truck, and also the day mother nature decided to torture us all. Mother nature decided to make the it 89 degrees outside and to make it humid. This naturally made our hard work twice as hard. We all had to carry what felt like a million plants out of the greenhouse on to the lawn. Next we had to make different levels in the truck that we were loading the plants into, we did this by nailing planks of wood to the sides, and then placing plywood on top, this was also very hard. We also had to place plants on top as we went. The result was successful, but very dirty and sweaty. This whole process took about 3 hours. We had to take turns standing under and drinking from the hose; this was nice, but we dried off much to quickly. All in all it was greatly enjoyed even though most people will probably not admit it. :)

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