Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Andy's Occupations Group

Tor Viren

        Every week day, all the kids on the farm stay split into two occupations groups, Andy's and Donna's, and do work around the farm.  The groups take turns making lunch every day.  Donna's group works mainly with facilities.  Andy's group works with the gardens and greenhouses.  I'm in Andy's group.
        This farm stay, in Andy's group, we are focusing on potting, labeling, and moving plants for the plant sale.  We are doing small, off-topic jobs as well, like setting up fences, but we're mostly working with the plants.  Below are some pictures of us working in our occupations group.

Sadie making labels.

Me watering plants.

Patrick, Noah, and Brigid labeling plants.

Me and Leighton moving plants to bigger compartments.

Katy's planting, too.

The first day of the summer pasture. The animals are happy to have fresh grass after a long winter of only hay.

The first dandelions of the spring on the south side of the Homestead. The bees will FINALLY have some pollen and nectar!

Our first truly sunny day of the whole Farm Stay.

Asparagus peeking through the wet soil.

Josefena and Sienna labeling plants.

Pheobe and Claire labeling plants, too.

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