Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Science Adventure

The Wood Duck nest box with 8 eggs.
Phoebe looking into the nest box

Eastern bluebird nest box (with two eggs)!
During science class on Wednesday Doug took us on a hike. We walked towards the pond, looking up at the beautiful (finally) clear sky. As we walked, we tried to look through our binoculars at the countless birds that flew overhead. On our way there we checked one of the nest boxes, which had two eggs in it. Once we got to the pond we were absolutely silent, so not to disturb the peaceful sight in front of us. Then one of the members of our group walked over to a tree with a nest box for wood ducks and started to hit the tree with a stick. They did this because if there were a bird inside, it would fly out. Once we were certain there was not a live bird in the nest box we walked over and Doug placed a ladder up against the tree. He then climbed up and opened up the box. His face showed that there was something amazing in the box. He allowed us to climb up and see for ourselves what was in the box. Doug then let anyone who wanted to climb up the ladder and take a look for themselves. When I got to the top of the ladder and looked inside a smile spread across my face. Inside the nest were eight wood duck eggs and a ton of white fluffy feathers. Our entire group loved seeing the eggs and the rest of our awesome science hike!

By Claire


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