Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Geometry Overnight, with Photos From Martha

The geometers came out for an overnight from Sunday until Monday this week. They arrived in time to make supper on Sunday evening. Then there was a sauna followed by games and lemon meringue pie. In the morning they did a full breakfast with pancakes and sausage and then there was an hour of stewardship time. Some students mopped the floors, others did animal chores, and others helped bottle maple syrup. Then they spent time creating a geometry based scavenger hunt and then tested it out. For most of the students it was their last overnight at the Land School as a student.

Thanks to Martha A for awesome photos.


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  2. Geometers, Thank-you for including me on your trip! We had 24 hours of fun, work, great food and a break from our city lives. I loved spending time with all of you and as always enjoyed seeing the rural campus through your eyes. You did a great job completing the treasure hunt, which is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. Thank-you!