Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Golden Sun

The golden sun shined on the field, glistening with the thought of the sunset arising. Today was the perfect day for feeding the bees. A couple of students put the large suits on, veil and hat before going to the beehives. We walked slowly, letting each breath fill our lungs with the fresh smell of summer. The day could not get any more perfect. We arrived at the unforgettable hive, sun shining and their tiny wings reflecting the perfect amount of light. We lifted a panel up and saw larva being born, while other bees were busy working gathering honey. We genially said good-bye to the bees that had brought us beauty, after feeding them their sugar syrup. We headed back through the field, soaking up the land. Finally the sun said goodnight, waiting for the next day.

By Leighton

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