Friday, May 20, 2011

Class D Visit "the best yet"

The second and third days of the Class D Environmental Education camp were just as great as the first. We had more awesome food. The activities continued. And we developed a brand new activity simply called called "Land Exploration." There was plenty of free time to play on the land and on the A-field. We had an evening program on Ojibwe history and dreamcatchers. The weather was just fabulous for a class visit - not too hot and no rain. The children have a real love of the land and it shows. Thank you April, Chele, Jay, Brooks, Marcy, Junauda, Cedric, Kerri and Forrest.

Tomorrow we are hosting a solar dehydrator workshop, and then on Sunday the Geometry Class is coming to design a rural campus geometry scavenger hunt. What fun!

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